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Today's news...5/20/05

MAY 20, 2005 -- Retail Sales Of SG Grew 2% in 2004: NSGA To Grow 2% in 2004: NSGA

Retail sales of sporting goods, which reached $48.9 billion in 2004, are expected to grow 2% in 2005, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. For 2005, sales of athletic and sports equipment, shoes and clothing are forecast to reach $50.0 billion.

In 2004, athletic and sport clothing grew 6%, reaching $11.2 billion. Footwear showed a 2% gain, about the same as the previous year. Total footwear sales reached $14.75 billion in 2004 versus $14.45 billion the previous year. Equipment also showed a 2% gain. Sales of sports equipment were $22.9 billion in 2004 versus $22.4 billion in 2003.

Sales of all sporting goods (clothing, footwear and equipment) rose 3%, after being virtually unchanged in 2003. Sales reached $48.9 billion in 2004 versus $47.4 billion in 2003.

"All equipment categories with sales of more than $1 billion rose in 2004, but only hunting and firearms sales (with an increase of 8%) grew faster than the CPI," said Tom Doyle, VP/information and research. “The CPI finished 2004 up 3.3%. However, the detailed CPI for Sporting Goods averaged a 1.2% decline for the year."

Hunting equipment sales rose to $2.87 billion from $2.65 billion the previous year. Exercise equipment sales (the largest equipment category at $5.01 billion) rose a scant 1%. Golf equipment sales ($3.15 billion) rose 3%. Fishing tackle and camping, the other two categories with sales of more than $1 billion showed increases of 2% and 3%, respectively. Sales in these major categories were $2.01 billion and $1.53 billion respectively.

Only three of the 21 equipment categories surveyed by the Association declined last year. Wheeled sports (which include scooters), water skis and hockey & ice skates were each down 4% from 2003.

Sales of recreational transport equipment (bicycles, pleasure boats and motors, recreational vehicles and snowmobiles) are forecast to rise 3% in 2005. Recreational transport equipment sales in 2004 were $35.8 billion, a 10% increase from the previous year. The recreational transport category has risen dramatically in recent years. Led by strong RV sales, the category has grown from $19.26 billion in 1995 to the more than $36.7 billion forecast for 2005.

"The Sporting Goods Market in 2005" is a copyrighted NSGA consumer study that projects 2004 purchases of sporting goods products based on a survey of 100,000 U.S. households. National Family Opinion, Inc., maintains the consumer panel used in the survey, which is balanced to parallel actual American household distribution as reported by the US Bureau of Census, so that the data can be projected nationally.

"The Sporting Goods Market in 2005" is available for $235 for retailer/dealer members of the Association and free to manufacturer and sustaining members. For non-members, the cost is $325. For additional information, contact Doyle, at NSGA, 1601 Feehanville Drive, Suite 300, Mount Prospect, IL 60056-6035. Phone: (847) 296-6742, E-mail: [email protected], or fax: (847) 391-9827.

Spanish News From CMD: El Corte Ingles Is Top Merchant, Say Vendors

A survey of vendors by Spanish trade magazine CMD asked which chain was the best regarding consumer knowledge, their relationship with headquarters, purchase department professionalism, logistics, trade payments, as well as their shops' appearance. El Corte Ingles received (8.28 out of 10), followed by Decathlon (7.56), Intersport (7.23), Forum Sport (7.1), Decimas (6.79), Sprinter (6.67), Base-Detallsport (6.62) and Atmosfera Sport (6.08). El Corte Ingle is number one as far as consumer knowledge, relationship with headquarters purchase department professionalism and payments, while Decathlon is the best dealer regarding logistics, and Forum has the best shops.

According to the Spanish newspaper Expansion, Nike could be planning to open its first Spanish women's shop in Spain, in Barcelona…According to a survey by CMD among 67 sport retailers about the best swimwear brands as far as delivery, margins, design, sales and support are concerned, Speedo is the best brand followed by Arena, Turbo, Reebok, Adidas, Efa and Nike. While Speedo is number one regarding delivery, design and sales, Reebok wins for support to the retailers and Efa regarding margins.

WOOLRICH SHORTS: Woolrich signed Newman International Group of Melbourne, Australia, as the brand’s agent for Australia and New Zealand. Woolrich currently has licensing agreements in place covering the European and Japanese markets…Charles Aides, SVP/apparel manufacturing and sourcing, announced the formation of a new division that will be responsible for developing and growing the firm’s government business through research and development to bring new products to the military market in form, fit and function…Bill Lilley has been named director of government contracting and will head up this unit.

Matt Merchant has joined Under Armour as SVP/US sales. He has been heading up Russell's team sports unit.

Reebok signed a multi-year partnership with Amelie Mauresmo. French phenomenon Mauresmo was ranked No. 1 in the world in 2004 and is currently ranked No. 3. She will be featured in the "I Am What I Am" campaign.

Franklin Resource Group announced the departure of Layne Rigney, VP/GM. Rigney has been responsible for the daily operations of the retail execution provider for the past two years and has played a significant role in the company's growth. Industry veteran Peter Goehrig, a strategic planning consultant to the company and member of the board of directors, will serve as interim GM.


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