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 About Us

 Sporting Goods Business Magazine

For 31 years, Sporting Goods Business (SGB) has been the industry resource for comprehensive news and analysis.

Each issue features the industry's latest news plus dedicated coverage of key categories like Activewear, Fiber/Fabrics, Fitness, Footwear, Licensed, Outdoors and Team through targeted "Eye On" pages. In addition, SGB examines emerging products and trends with in-depth features and analysis of the sporting goods arena. The SGB One-On-One Interview, a standard feature of the magazine, explores issues impacting the marketplace through provocative discussions with senior executives, while the esports report section follows the evolution of Internet within the industry.

The SGB Web site, SportingGoodsBusiness.com, keeps sporting goods professionals on top of industry news five days a week through its "Daily Dispatch" e-mail newsletter, which links to the site�s home page, while the twice weekly Inside Sporting Goods fax and e-mail newsletter analyzes the news, providing the inside scoop on industry developments.

 Editorial Mission

SPORTING GOODS BUSINESS serves as the authoritative industry resource, building the bridge between sporting goods retailers and manufacturers. Each issue canvasses the retail and manufacturing arenas to deliver the latest in news, product introductions and industry trends. Throughout the year, we also provide a series of special reports that analyze the stories behind the headlines impacting our industry. And to keep you in step with our industry's ever changing trends, our editorial team blankets the footwear, apparel, licenced product, outdoors and team markets, as well as the increasing role of the Internet. Editorial staples include the annual Top 100 Report and Retail Trendsetters of the Year Awards, and SPORTING GOODS BUSINESS' Eye On features and interviews, among others.

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 About the Company
SportingGoodsBusiness.com is a VNU Business Publications and VNU eMedia production.

VNU Business Publications penetrates and enlightens the sports industry with print, face-to-face and online information. VNU eMedia enables VNU Business Publications to publish in the fast-paced online market.

President & CEO: Michael Marchesano
Group Presidents: Mark Holdreith(Retail), John Kilcullen (Music & Literary), Richard O’Connor (Travel and Performance), Michael E. Parker (Marketing/Media & Design),Tony Uphoff (Film & Performing Arts)
Editorial Director: Sid Holt
Vice Presidents: John Lerner (eMedia), Karen Palmieri (Manufacturing and Distribution), Joanne Wheatley (Information Marketing)

President & CEO: Michael Marchesano
Chief Financial Officer: Derek Irwin
President - VNU Expositions: Greg Farrar
President - eMedia and Information Marketing: Toni Nevitt
Senior Vice President/Human Resources: Michael Alicea
Vice President/Business Management: Joellen Sommer
Vice President/Communications: Deborah Patton
Vice President/Licensing and Events: Howard Appelbaum
Director/Business Planning and Development: Jonathan Gordon

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