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 Advertising Opportunities

 Banner Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer "run of site" sponsorships/banner ads. Each sponsor (advertiser) may choose from three positions that will be displayed on every page of the site. The choices are: Top horizontal, Left/Inline Vertical, and Bottom/Anchor Horizontal.

Each time someone views a page of our Web site, one of the sponsors' ads appears. The ads in each position are rotated in a random but equal method. Each sponsor will get an equal percentage of views. For example: if there are 5 sponsorships available in the top position, each sponsor will receive 20 percent of the total page-views of the site.

Sponsorship is an affordable opportunity to be seen throughout our Web site. Instead of receiving a small number of page views by advertising in a fixed position on just the home page, you automatically gain a dramatic increase in exposure by running your ad across the entire site.

Sportinggoodsbusiness.com will accept only 5 sponsors per position to run at any given time. All sponsors are run of site.

Frequency discounts are available.

Position Specs.(in pixels) Price
Top Sponsor 468x60 $750 Gross per Month
Vertical/Inline Sponsor 120x240 $650 Gross per Month
Bottom/Anchor Sponsor 468x60 $500 Gross per Month


Creative must be received 5 business days before start of flight.
Max file size: 16K (12 bit preferred)
File Format: GIF, JPEG, Richmedia on case by case basis
Animation and HTML: OK

If you do not yet have a banner, or do not have one of this size, our production department can create one for a nominal fee.

All web site advertising inquires should be made to Dan McNamee at 646-654-4978 or [email protected]

 Online Classified Advertising Rates
The sportinggoodsbusiness.com marketplace is what the sports industry turns to for business resources, including products/services and recruitment needs. Classified advertisements and business enhancement listings are updated monthly, beginning the first of each month and expire on the last day of that month.

Word Count Cost
Up to 50 words $100

 Newsletter Sponsorship Opportunities
Please contact Charlotte Erwin at 646-654-4981 or [email protected] for information about advertising in the Inside Sporting Goods Daily Dispatch Newsletter.

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