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C4-Sports and SGMA To Collaborate at 2006 Sports and Technology Convergence

JUNE 09, 2006 -- C4-Sports and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) are partnering to create an educational program for SGMA members and supporters for SGMA's upcoming Sports and Technology Convergence, Oct. 24-26 at The Estancia Resort and Spa in La Jolla, Calif.

The program, "Navigating the HD/Digital Landscape," will focus on the use of electronic media to market products and services and will be moderated by Dr. John Abel, senior vice president at USTelecom, a premier trade association representing service providers and suppliers for the telecom industry. Abel will lead discussions by a panel of experts addressing product marketing through technology, including examining today's technology solutions and application providers.

"Our mission is to provide clear insight on how technology and media will impact product and marketing decisions in the very near future, and we are happy to work with SGMA to bring this message to the association's members," said C4-Sports General Manager Gene Sanders.

The SGMA represents more than 1,000 sporting goods manufacturers, retailers, and marketers in the sporting goods industry by providing access to insight, information, influence, and industry connections. SGMA's Sports and Technology Convergence is a unique business-to-business experience that will cultivate innovative thinking, foster relationships, and stimulate partnership formation. Attendees can expect to learn the latest information on how technology will impact and provide new opportunities to create, distribute, sell, and market sports and fitness products and how technology can improve access to and frequency of sport participation.

"The sporting goods industry is innovating with technology systems and applications throughout the product lifecycle management process," explained SGMA President and CEO Tom Cove. "SGMA's Sports and Technology Convergence will capture the most relevant and influential ideas for companies to further adopt into their development and manufacturing practices. By partnering with C4-Sports, SGMA will facilitate greater recognition and faster adoption of technology and new media in the marketing and promotion of our members' products."

"New media has tended to be driven by sports content, as seen with the development of cable TV and satellite TV. Once again, we are experiencing growth in new digital media, and similarly, sports content will be a major driver of the acceptance of new media by consumers," said Abel. "Digital TV, IPTV, and HDTV are all new forms of the television medium that will offer new opportunities for the distribution of sports content. Telecom companies are participating in these new delivery opportunities, and our panel will explore these opportunities in greater detail."

To learn more and register for SGMA's Sports and Technology Convergence, visit For more information or to register for the C4-Sports Technology Conference and Exposition online, visit


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