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ispo Russia Attracts 6,068 Trade Visitors

SEPTEMBER 21, 2005 -- ispo Russia took place in the Crocus Expo Exhibition Center, Moscow, September 14-17 for the first time. Management said it a very successful first step in bringing the world's top brands into the markets of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. A total of 6,068 trade visitors from all regions of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Cheliabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Krasnodar, Vladimir, Khabarovsk, Udmurtiya, Sakhalin and Novosibirsk, as well as Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Poland and Uzbekistan but also from the US, Korea, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany obtained information about the latest product innovations and collections of the 309 exhibiting national and international brands.

The "supporters of industry" (sponsors, industry partners and associations, as well as architects and construction companies with focal point on sports facilities) were also integrated into the premier of ispo Russia. On the last trade fair day, which was also open to the public, 1,724 trade visitors and opinion leaders visited ispo Russia 05.

Manfred Wutzlhofer, CEO Messe Muenchen GmbH, said "The Russian market and that of the neighboring countries represent a challenge. Together with our partners Sport Communication Group and RASIE in Moscow, we have succeeded in acting as a door-opener for these markets at our premier event. With ispo Russia, we have provided the exhibiting brands with the possibility to get to know the special character of this market, to establish contacts and to simplify entry into business on site. With our know-how and our experience as organizer of the largest sports equipment trade fair in the world, Messe Muenchen felt an obligation to meet the need of the sports industry to cultivate the Russia market. We have succeeded in this, and we are going to optimize the organization, planning and services further for the second ispo Russia, which will take place in February '06."

For the national market, ispo Russia provided the first opportunity to get to know the international range of goods and to compare themselves with foreign companies with respect to range of goods, product quality, marketing and trade fair presentation. "The chance to obtain information directly and in such a comprehensive way in the sports market via your own booth was a great success for many of the national exhibitors thanks to the first ispo Russia. Comparable possibilities did not exist previously for most of companies in our own country," said Andrey Maslak, president of the Sport Communication Group.

But not only the product presentations of the exhibitors attracted a great deal of attention in the two trade fair halls and on an area of 122,000 sqaure feet. The "International Football & Finance Conference" was especially well attended with approximately 400 participants. The "Special Outdoor Retail Conference" with top-rate industry experts including from Globetrotter, Sport Bever and the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, as well as trend presnenations by WGSN, were also very popular.

The festive opening ceremony and many events in the evening supporting program of the first ispo Russia contributed to ensuring that the premier event attracted attention even outside of the trade fair grounds. On September 14, the Russia sportswear brand and equipper of the Russian Olympic Team, Bosco Sport, held a fantastic fashion show in the exclusive department store GUM at Red Square. Invited guests saw at least a dozen Olympic medal winners and participants from Russia there. The guests included the heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, who visited Odessa and Sevastopol in Ukraine last week and who came to Moscow for this evening.

ispo Russia in cooperation with the Italian Veneto region held a dinner for numerous exhibitors, business partners and companies from various countries in the All Russian Academy of Arts on Thursday during the trade fair. As a high point, the former Russian ice hockey player, two-time Olympic champion and ten-time European champion Vyacheslav Fetisov, today the Russian Minister for Sports, was awarded the ispo Cup, which was previously only awarded to well known sports personalities in Munich after the end of their active careers.

ispo Russia 05 is the second trade fair in the event portfolio of Messe Muenchen GmbH, which took place in a foreign country. Following the successful, first ispo china 05 held in Shanghai last March, the second important geographic gap has been closed in the global market.


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