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Short news: 5/11/04

MAY 11, 2004 -- New Era Giving Hatworld/Lids Exclusive 59FIFTY Product

New Era Cap rolled out an exclusive national partnership with Hatworld/Lids for the year-long 59FIFTYat50 campaign, which marks the fiftieth anniversary of its signature cap, the New Era 59FIFTY. The partnership between New Era and Hatworld/Lids represents exclusive product launch opportunities during the 59FIFTYat50-campaign-year called "Fresh Goods Fridays." On the first Friday of every month, through December 2004, New Era, exclusively at 28 Hatworld/Lids locations and on www.lids.com, will launch new custom product programs. Through this partnership Hatworld/Lids has first rights to develop variations of product launched through "Capture the Flag," New Era's limited edition, celebrity designed pieces launched the last Thursday of every month. Fresh Goods product launched at Hatworld/Lids will open up to other retailers 45 days after initial launch and is in addition to traditional New Era product programs and product releases.

Hatworld/Lids is supporting the 59FIFTYat50 campaign and the Fresh Goods Fridays with an unprecedented in-store POP program which includes specialty display cases, window call outs, packaging and promotional give away items. Fresh Goods Fridays launched on May 7 with a version of the limited edition Spike Lee-designed, New Era 59FIFTY, Yankees World Series All Over.

In addition to the partnership Hatworld/Lids, other elements of the [email protected] campaign include definitive, multi-leveled product development through: "Capture the Flag" custom 59FIFTYs by guest designers, launched monthly and sold in limited edition quantities at a small number of boutiques around the world; and "Gold Star," custom 59FIFTYs developed in limited run, unique fabrics and treatments driven by "Design Lab" collaborations between New Era and select retailers.

The New Era [email protected] campaign is supported by a print advertising campaign; 59FIFTYat50.com, a micro-site; POP; special labeling and other special campaign markings and packaging.

Women Participants Dominate Many Fitness Activities

Among sports participants age seven and older, females constitute a majority of participants in four of six fitness activities surveyed for 2003 by NSGA, according to VP/information and research Tom Doyle. After aerobic exercising (75%), females represented 50% or more of participants in exercise walking, working out at a club and exercising with equipment, where they represent 63%, 55% and 54% of participants, respectively. In the other primary fitness activity, running/jogging, women represent 46% of the participants. Only in weightlifting did females fall far behind males in participation, with just 35% of weightlifters being female.

Other activities in which women were a majority of the adult participants were tai chi/yoga (83%), kickboxing (81%), ice/figure skating (64%), volleyball (56%) and swimming (53%). There were six other sports and activities in which females represent 45%-49% of participants. They are: cross country skiing (48%), bowling (48%), camping (47%), scooter riding (47%), hiking (47%), inline skating (47%), softball (46%), tennis (46%), and bicycle riding (46%).

Sports previously surveyed but not surveyed in 2003 in which females represented more than 50% of participants include step aerobics, badminton and calisthenics.

For the study, a participant is defined as someone seven or older who participates in a sport more than once within the year. For swimming, exercise walking, bicycling, exercising with equipment, running/jogging, calisthenics and aerobics, a participant is defined as one who is active in a sport six times or more within the year.

The two-part sports participation report is based on a survey of 20,000 US households. In addition to the number of participants and frequency of participation, the report provides demographics by age, gender, education, presence of children, metro areas, household income and region of the country. The report includes information on Internet usage of sports participants. The report is available to NSGA members for $395, and to non-members for $475. A complete chart is available at the NSGA web site, (www.nsga.org).

SEC Gets Fraud Settlement From Warnaco, Wachner, Others

The SEC instituted settled enforcement proceedings against The Warnaco Group, Inc., a major apparel manufacturer, owner of the Authentic Fitness retail chain and Speedo licensee, its former CEO, Linda Wachner, its former CFO, William Finkelstein, former general counsel, Stanley Silverstein, and the company's former audit firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Warnaco was charged with securities fraud for issuing a false and misleading press release about its financial results on March 2, 1999, and Finkelstein with aiding and abetting the company's fraud.

The SEC charged Warnaco, Finkelstein, Wachner, and Silverstein for their roles in connection with Warnaco's misleading disclosure in its annual report for 1998. In addition, the SEC charged PwC, Warnaco's audit firm at the time, with aiding and abetting Warnaco's reporting violations in the 1998 annual report. All of the respondents and defendants have agreed to settlements without admitting or denying the findings or allegations in the SEC's orders or complaints. More in ISG.

Shorts: Pacific Sunwear

Prudential Equity Group cut its rating on Pacific Sunwear of California to underweight from neutral.


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